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Snow, glorious snow. I love snow, preferably from behind a picture window with a large cup of Gluehwein in my hand. The chickens are not convinced by the white stuff, however, and are trying to work out how to open the cat-flap and join us inside. Sent the kids off sledging with DH, that's what dads are for, while I dug through my glass box and thought deep thoughts about what to do with all the shardy pieces hiding at the bottom. It seems a shame to just bin them, but having just wasted an hour trying to tessellate weird triangles, I probably need to be ruthless and move on to things that are achievable. 

Nov. 27th, 2012

grey, wet and windy - not an enticement to go out today. I also need to bake stupid quanties of brownies for S.'s ceilidh. What I want to do is lie in bed all day reading. Sniffs.

Nov. 15th, 2012

First day back at work after operation and I feel quite disconnected from it all. My colleagues are lovely, but it is still not a job I am sure I want to do until I am 67.
Despite crappy, foggy weather,  I am feeling rather more the thing today. Went and wandered around the Han exhibition at the Fitz today. Lots of nice things to look at though the info signs were weak and lacked context. The jade suits were astonishing, http://www.guardian.co.uk/culture/2012/may/03/han-dynasty-immortality-suits-show the little terracotta warriors were interesting and I wandered past the Dutch landscapes on the way to the Han gallery. A very satisfactory day
Just watched someone jumping out of a basket 24 miles above the earth. By choice. What drives someone to do something like this? I understand pushing yourself, but how far must you have already come to feel that this would be the next step? [boggles]
So, it's been almost a year since I wrote anything in here.

I will be very glad to see the back of 2012.

This year has felt like one long procession of trips to the hospital, either for me or for Sprog 1. September has been horrendous - my hysterectomy was closely followed by Sprog 1 finally having his ear operation. This seemed like a good idea when they offered me a short notice cancellation spot on the list, but the practicalities have been complicated. My hospital stay ended with me being sent home with a catheter and a free bonus infection. Still, I am recovering slowly, Sprog 1 is recovering quickly and we saw top surgeons in their fields and I didn't have to remortgage the house to do this. Hurray for the NHS.

But there are good things as well. The builders have finished and the decorators will be doing their thang next week and then I can start putting things away instead of living out of boxes.

Work are being very sympathetic about my extended time off. I am not sure why they are being nice and am waiting for the other shoe to drop.

But the best thing at the moment is having handed in my exchange piece. I can now focus on making the most of the glass painting course I am doing and getting as many pieces as possible through the kiln in the next four weeks.

And who knows. Maybe I'll get the hang of  my life and be organised enough to journal more. 
Woo-hoo, November. It is dark early now and we have ages before it gets lighter again. Work is p-ing me off hugely, but home life is good.
It may be May, but it is bloomin' freezing. Have lit fire and am now defrosting toes. The cat is stretched out like a mini-tiger skin rug and the chickens are all fluffed up outside. Hope it warms up before inaugural tent experience in a fortnight. Bah.
Planted Busy Lizzies out this morning, guaranteeing snow by then end of the week, no doubt. The chickens are now confined to the pseudoSomme at the end of the garden. They are NOT happy about this and are studying the new tasty greens with a covetous eye. They are surprisingly creative about escaping, given that their collective brain power adds up to about half a walnut.

Nov. 17th, 2010

Well, after a fairly productive few days, bit of work, bit of DIY, my Wednesday is being rounded off by Spouse trying to scrub a full mug of cocoa out of the carpet. He is slapdash about cleaning and I have the sinking (stinking?) feeling that it will stink within a week. Probably sooner with the central heating on. However, his mess, he has to clean it up, though I know this one will run and run. Grrr. What a waste of bloody time. I am off to be properly crossy about it in bed with my eReader.

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